Need for Health and Safety Training in the Construction Industry Highlighted

Spot checks in the Stamford Hill area in London found that nearly half of the construction sites in the area were unsuitable for working on. The inspections highlighted the importance of health and safety training, and the amount of construction firms putting their employees and subcontractors lives at risk. The Health and Safety Executive visited 22 sites during one day and they were shocked to have to hand out nine Enforcement actions and six Prohibition Notices and six Improvement Notices. Dangerous working practices were taking place and therefore work had to cease until the conditions were improved. One of the sites which were inspected was closed down completely due to the extreme hazardous conditions found by the inspectors.

Training and Working at Height was a Major Issue

Five of the six Prohibition Notices were all related to working at height conditions and the Improvement notices were relating to lack of training and welfare concerns. Training is easy to arrange and can be arranged quickly and easily. All employees on construction sites must have adequate health and safety training in a bid to reduce the risks. The construction industry is one of the most dangerous in Britain. There were 49 fatalities in the UK which is alarming considering there are steps which can be taken to reduce the risks to workers. Two of the suitable construction site safety training courses to consider are the SMSTS and SSSTS. Training managers to be aware of legislation and methods used to reduce the risks specifically within the construction industry is vital. A well trained manager will be able to help contribute to create a safe site and be able to ensure the right assessments and methods are being used in order to reduce the hazards. Excellent managers can help business owners to introduce new safety policies and ensure that everyone is un-safe hands. They can introduce training for all of the employees on the site, make suggestions as to how to manage and control the hazards involved in a number of different jobs commonly found within the industry including: You can request more information about construction site safety training by calling 0808 1966 830. Don’t wait for the inspectors to turn up on your site before introducing positive training.

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