As a construction site manager, project manager or supervisor you have a legal duty to ensure the safety and health of fellow workers and the public. There are construction health and safety regulations which you need to adhere. You have a moral duty to do all that is possible to prevent accidents and injuries on your construction sites.

The SMSTS is delivered to thousands of people every year. BuildUK approves the qualification as the standard for all construction and project managers. SMSTS certification is an indication of the competence of a construction site manager according to the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for the CDM Regulations.

There are two courses that are part of Site Safety Plus specifically for site managers:

  1. SMSTS
  2. SMSTS Refresher


Course Requirements

You will need to attend all sessions of the 5-day SMSTS course. If you fail to attend all sessions the CITB will not award you with the SMSTS certificate. You will need to show understanding of the main elements and pass the core exercises to prove your competence. You will be required to sit a CITB examination.

Is the SMSTS course difficult?

Most people don’t find the SMSTS course difficult and subsequently gain the CITB certification, however the SMSTS test is considered demanding. If you prepare for your exam, it will make it easier. Past SMSTS exam questions are not available, training providers are forbidden from sharing past exam questions under the CITB Site Safety Plus scheme rules.



The SMSTS is tested via individual and group exercises.

Is the SMSTS exam multiple choice?

Testing of your knowledge learned will be in the form of a multiple choice CITB examination paper.

How many questions are on the SMSTS test?

The SMSTS test consists of 25 questions, 5 of the questions will be safety critical. Safety critical questions are worth 1 to 3 points, multiple choice questions are worth 1 point each. You will also be required to provide a short-written answer.

What is the pass mark for SMSTS?

The SMSTS pass mark is 81% (26 out of 32). You will be required to answer all of the critical questions correctly.

How long is the SMSTS exam?

The SMSTS exam is 35 minutes long. For the last 15 minutes of the examination, you will be allowed to refer to the GE700 workbook/publication.


SMSTS Certificate

How long does your SMSTS last?

Your SMSTS lasts for 5 years. Afterwards you will need to renew your qualification by attending a SMSTS Refresher. The 2-day refresher course will update you with the latest legislations. If your current SMSTS certificate has expired, you need to attend the full 5-day SMSTS again.

How do you check your SMSTS certificate?

To check the validity of your SMSTS certificate or another certificate holder, you can access the online-card-checker.

How do I get a replacement SMSTS certificate?

You can get a replacement SMSTS certificate from the CITB, however there may a charge for a replacement certificate.


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