With so much needing done each day at work it is no surprise to find that many bosses relegate the idea of sending their staff on H&S courses to a fairly low priority. While this is understandable it should also be pointed out that making this more of a priority can bring with it some huge advantages to both the company and employees.

Cut Down on Absences

In some firms the level of absenteeism is extremely worrying, yet the management team often have little idea what to do about this. By arranging for some health and safety training there are a number of ways in which the staff attendance figures could benefit. First of all, if the employees are aware of the most appropriate way of handling goods and dealing with other potential hazards then it stands to reason that there is less risk of them being injured in the first place. Secondly, if there is at least one person in the company who has learnt first aid techniques on H&S courses then they can ensure that any accidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently. Finally, if the supervisors and managers in the organisation are aware of the best ways to keep everyone safe and healthy then this is going to help everyone avoid having too many days off.

Increased Output

Of course, someone who suffers an injury at work might not need to take time off because of it. In many cases, the lack of the good, up to date health and safety knowledge simply means that they suffer some aches and pains through incorrect seating posture or handling technique. While these might not be major concerns they can reduce the affected person’s productivity as well as cause them a bit of pain. The employees who learn how to stay safe while working should have no such problems holding them back from doing a good day’s work.

Avoid Legal Hassles

One of the worst situations for a business to be in is when it is faced with legal action because of an injury sustained by an employee or a major event like a fire. Every business premise has some risks associated with it and it is only by getting the right people onto comprehensive H&S courses that the risk of incidents and subsequent legal hassles can be mitigated effectively. Of course, even if the company has adequate insurance cover in place when an incident happens they may still need to prove that proper action had been taken to reduce the risk of accidents taking place. No matter what the situation is and who is right and wrong there is no doubt that being caught up in a legal battle can be a lengthy and stressful situation for anyone. Clearly it would be much better to take the preventative measures necessary to stop this happening in the first place.

Keep the Staff Happy

Finally, we need to take into account the human aspect of accidents as well. Every employee likes to feel that their boss is looking after them. This is why most people treat the idea of being sent on a H&S course as being a sign that they are being treated well. This is something which is going to benefit them both now and in the long run and this means that they should be keen to find out how to stay safe at work. This is just one part of the process of keeping employees happy but it is one which definitely shouldn’t get pushed too far down the queue.

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