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What is IOSH Safety for Executives & Directors?

This IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course is designed by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is 1-day in duration and targeted towards any professional who is responsible for the health and safety of an organisation. It will teach you how to manage safety in the workplace effectively and monitor the success of these programs.

IOSH Safety for Executives & Directors Course Content

The important points that the training course will cover include:

  • An explanation of the importance of health and safety at the highest level of management.
  • How to plan, develop and implement a policy for health and safety.
  • Understanding the value of having an effective system for managing safety in the workplace.
  • How effective leadership can create a safety culture with a positive impact.
  • Why it is important to set targets and indicators for performance.

Some of the crucial topics covered by the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course include:

  • Why safety and health management is legally, morally and financially important.
  • The HSG65 Plan, Do, Check and Act Model.

Workbooks & Course Materials

When you take this course you will be given a workbook, which will include forms, guidance information and other very helpful resources for leaders, senior executives and directors. This is an interactive training course, which will allow you to work with the tutor to improve your skills.

The Tutor/Instructor

This training will be taught by a qualified and experienced health and safety consultant in a traditional classroom setting, who has the relevant experience in the field of risk management. All course tutors are members of IOSH.

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IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors Course Online (Instructor-Led)

Due to extraordinary circumstances impacting the regular provision of health and safety training the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors online course has been designed to maintain a level of training in the industry, ensuring a continued understanding of legislative changes and their impact on the workplace.

Course Dates and Fees

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Online Training Using Video Technology

It is permitted to deliver the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course online via video technology solution using a live instructor. The training follows the same curriculum as the classroom version of the course and delivers the same standard of training meeting all examination body rules.

What’s different about the online instructor-led course?

  1. Minimum delegate numbers for the course may be reduced.
  2. To manage remote online training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed to attend may also be reduced.
  3. This virtual learning is delivered online over the internet.

What remains the same?

  1. All candidates who successfully pass will be awarded with a nationally recognised qualification and IOSH certificate issued by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health.

What is the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors Online Course?

The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors e-learning course provides CEOs and Directors with a complete understanding of health and safety responsibilities and the moral, legal and financial benefits of proactive safety, health and risk management.

  • Understand your responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.
  • Recognise the importance of integrating health and safety objectives and strategies.
  • Enable the benchmarking of your performance and identify good practice from similar businesses.
  • Shape your health and safety vision and identify how to achieve it.

Courses and Fees

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Who is the IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors E-learning Course Suitable For?

The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors e-learning course is suitable for those in senior executive or director roles looking to sharpen their health safety philosophies. The course will provide eager to learn individuals with the essential protocols and knowledge required to lead and influence any organisation

What’s Included in IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors E-learning?

Course Content

The online IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors course is structured around five key modules:

  1. The moral, legal and financial case
  2. Plan – planning for health and safety
  3. Do – implementing health and safety
  4. Check – monitoring health and safety performance
  5. Act – improving health and safety performance

Course Duration

  • 4 hours recommended learning time
  • 2 hours optional self-study

IOSH Assessment

It involves a personal commitment (action plan) relating to the learning on the course. Identify three actions that you commit to taking in your workplace appropriate to your level of responsibility.


On successful completion of the action plan, your will receive an official IOSH digital certificate.

Benefits of E-learning


  • Have confidence knowing your most superior employees have a comprehensive understanding of managing safely.
  • Drive improvements in productivity, increase profitability and deliver cultural change.
  • Enhance your brand reputation with a higher standard of health and safety.


  • Learners are gifted with complete control over their studies, choosing where and when to learn as they desire.
  • With online training, organisations can have complete oversight over the staff’s progress with insightful reports analysing their workforce’s efforts.
  • Incredible cost-effectiveness when compared to alternative learning methods, especially classroom learning.
  • Engaging, proactive activities heighten learner retention.
  • Checks strategically located throughout the online course ensure learners can only move on when ready.
  • Those who work from home can play an active role in the training unlike before.

Course Features

  • Learning checks – built into the course to check your knowledge
  • Mind map activities – helps to summarise the main points visually and acts to aid your memory.
  • Listing activities – easy to digest information through key points.
  • Categorising activities – making it easier for you to recall ideas or process information.
  • Activity positioning – Activities are spread throughout the course helping you embed your learning before moving on to the next section.