IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors (Classroom)

Course Overview

This IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors training course was designed by IOSH, the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. It is targeted towards any professional who is responsible for the health and safety of an organisation. It will teach you how to manage health and safety in the workplace effectively and monitor the success of these programs.

Important Points

The important points that the course will cover include:

  • An explanation of the importance of health and safety at the highest level of management.
  • How to plan, develop and implement a policy for health and safety.
  • Understanding the value of having an effective system for managing safety in the workplace.
  • How effective leadership can create a safety culture with a positive impact.
  • Why it is important to set targets and indicators for performance.

Important Topics

Some of the crucial topics covered by the course include:

  • Why safety and health management is legally, morally and financially important.
  • The HSG65 Plan, Do, Check and Act Model.

Who Is The IOSH Safety for Executives and Directors Training For?

This course is ideally suited to executive managers, directors and senior managers in a wide range of industry sectors. The course is designed to replace the Safety for Senior Executives course by IOSH, as well as the Directing Safely Courses.

Content of the Course

When you take this course you will be given a workbook, which will include forms, guidance information and other very helpful resources for senior leaders and assistance directors. This is an interactive course, which will allow you to work with the tutor to improve your skills.

The Tutor

This training course will be taught by a qualified and experienced health and safety consultant, who has the relevant experience in the field of risk management. All course tutors are members of IOSH.


One Day

How Will the Course Be Assessed?

Once the course has concluded, you will undergo a half-hour written assessment to test your knowledge of the course content. If you successfully pass the assessment, you will obtain your IOSH Certificate in Safety for Directors and Executives.

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