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What is the IOSH Leading Safely Course?

If you’re going to thrive in a modern business environment, then you’ll need to provide your workforce with a safe and healthy environment. To achieve such an environment, you’ll need to know about health and safety practice – and that’s what the IOSH Leading Safely training course is for.

Main Topics Covered During IOSH Leading Safely Training

  • The role of leadership positions in bolstering health and safety performance
  • What a leader can do to improve their record on health and safety
  • Improvements that can be made to an organisation to achieve superior performance.

Benefits of the Training

The IOSH Leading Safely course has already proven a great benefit to a myriad of businesses. After you’ve completed it, you’ll be able to implement new practices and organisational cultures, which will protect you and your workforce against threats to safety and health. By setting a good example and pursuing a positive effective health and safety culture from the top, you’ll be able to foster it in the rest of your business.

This IOSH Leading Safely course has been designed in partnership with business leaders in order to impart the maximum value to the organisations and individuals which partake in it.

Crucially, the IOSH Leading Safely qualification will equip participants with the skills to benchmark their current and future health and safety performance. Using this information, they’ll be able to compare themselves to global standards, and work out how to make incremental improvements which will allow them to achieve their health and safety potential.

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