The first thing you need to do as a business is decide who is responsible for fire safety within the organisation. As a business owner you can give the responsibility to a competent person or take on the duty for yourself, but whoever you choose will need to know what they are doing. In the health and safety laws this is known as a competent person and when it comes to fire safety the NEBOSH Fire certificate can be the course that will ensure the person performing the legally required duties is suitable for the job.

It is a great course that can be attended by the business owner or your chosen competent person. It could be your managers, supervisors or senior personnel you want to do the job. The course is split into units each of which provide excellent education and much needed skills that are necessary to ensure your business is prepared for fire and able to reduce the risks of a fire breaking out in your workplace.

What are the Learning Outcomes?

During the three units you or your employee will learn many things. The focus is on how to manage health and safety, fire health and safety management and the act of performing a complete fire risk assessment. By the end of the training each candidate will leave with many skills such as:

  • How to use a risk assessment to determine the fire hazards found in the workplace
  • How to determine the risk levels and the suitability of current control measures used to prevent fires in the workplace
  • The principles of ignition
  • How fires spread and the cause of explosion
  • What the legal framework that relates to fire and health and safety is
  • The principles and procedures of investigating workplace fires
  • Prevention of fires spreading in buildings
  • Fire protection

By successfully completing such fire safety training you are showing compliance with the law by learning skills needed to prevent fires in your workplace. The skills learnt on the course can be used to perform fire risk assessments, a legal requirement for all businesses regardless of their size. Call 0844 567 6760 to learn more.