Safety at work is absolutely fundamental to a successful business. In order to avoid litigation and costly accidents, it is important for senior managers to keep up to date with the legal requirements and practices of their industry.

This is why IOSH training for Senior Executives is so crucial. The IOSH Safety for Senior Executives course is designed for any professionals who have a strategic responsibility for implementing effective health and safety management systems within an organisation of more than 250 employees. There are no entry criteria, other than being in a senior management role. Health and safety is a very important management function and in order for it to be effective, it must emanate from the top layers of management and descend downward through the hierarchy of the company.

What Does the Course Cover?

Not only will this course cover the important basics of health and safety, it will also teach managers and senior executives about how best to implement and enforce these basics within the workforce.

This safety management course, offered by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, will give senior managers and executives a solid overview of their legal responsibilities as well as cost effective strategies for loss control and accident prevention. The course will cover the roles and responsibilities of senior executives when it comes to health and safety and their important legal aspects. It will also cover the financial implications of ill health and accidents caused by working conditions.

The course will also make senior executives and managers aware of the current legislation and the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974, as well as the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations of 1999. Participants will be made aware of the penalties that will be incurred should any health and safety problems happen. The course will also cover the concept of corporate manslaughter and the implications of this.

By the end of the training, all participants will appreciate the need for integrated health and safety goals within their wider business objectives, in order to minimise risk. They will also be able to keep health and safety in mind during their strategic planning, decision making and supply chain management. With the guiding principles learned in the curse, they will be able to create a health and safety management system that will offer them continuous improvement.

How Are Participants Assessed?

When senior executives and managers take part in this course, it will be assessed by a short paper. The course is moderated by the IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health) and all final course work will be approved by the institute. When the course is successfully completed, all participants will receive a certificate.