Nine Passengers who spent Christmas on the Thomson Celebration Cruise Liner were struck down with food poisoning on Christmas Day. They were supposed to be enjoying a holiday of a lifetime, instead the individuals suffered with sickness, diarrhoea and fevers. The group have made claims that there was human excrement in the swimming pools, that birds were causing contamination on the tables outside, insects were found all over the dining rooms and that the food and drink was not suitable for consumption.

The combined cost of the Christmas Cruise around the Red Sea was £11,500. Although the individuals complained about the state of the ship and the food they claim that many of the staff were not helpful, some of whom seemed to be unwilling to investigate their complaints and try to help resolve the problems. In addition lack of cleanliness all of the claimants say that their bedrooms had unpleasant smells, the bathroom water was discoloured and that the cruise ships employees did not wear gloves or clean clothes when handling food.

Food was Not Suitable for Consumption

Other direct complaints against the food on the ship are:

  • It was served at the wrong temperatures
  • Old food was mixed in with fresh food
  • Meat wasn’t cooked thoroughly
  • Bottled water was served with lids removed and the colour was murky
  • Staff didn’t have high standards of hygiene

According the court papers Thomson failed to ensure that the spread of illness was contained on the ship, and that the standards were not enforced or monitored. The passengers therefore are claiming that Thomson has breached their contract and that they were negligent. Some of the passengers have spoken about how their holiday was completely ruined by illness. Many experienced anxiety after seeing loved ones fall ill and being ill themselves.

Food Safety Training

Any business or industry that is responsible for handling food must ensure that all of the employees are adequately trained. Food poisoning can result in extreme suffering and even death. Anyone affected by food poisoning as a result of negligence has the right to claim for compensation and bring legal action against those responsible. Food safety training is easily available and the costs are minimal. Call 0844 576 6750 to organise training for your employees.