Did you know that health and safety training is an important part of being a boss. As the owner of a business you have a legal duty to protect your employees from illnesses and accidents caused by work. Providing health and safety training is a priority for all employees as it helps you to:

  • Comply with legislation and meet your legal duty
  • Work to ensure employees are not injured and prevent them from falling ill due to the work they perform
  • Learn vital health and safety skills
  • Build a health and safety culture within your organisation

Who Needs Health & Safety Training?

Everyone within your organisation requires training. This provides valuable information about what to do and what not to do, teaching how to provide certain necessary tasks and providing information. Owners need to have the right level of training. Managers and supervisors also need a suitable course but most other employees only require adequate level certification such as the IOSH Working Safely.

What is Covered on the Working Safely Course?

All employees can benefit from the working safely certificate and it can be tailored to your
business so the training is more relevant. Some of the topics that are covered include the health and safety laws and a basic breakdown of welfare, safety and health. The workplace and equipment used can be discussed as well as manual handling skills to prevent damage when lifting and operating.

Another excellent area that is covered is workstation design and ergonomics. Many employees suffer with problems such as back, neck and arm pain as well as headaches, sore eyes and repetitive strain injuries. All of those problems can cause significant pain and cost you money in absences, cover and improving workstations. By providing information on how to sit correctly and use the right sorts of workstations for the job they perform you can reduce the costs these issues have.

Whether your employees work in an office, deal with hazardous substances, vehicles and machinery or in noisy places the course will provide basic training and provide each candidate with a QCA Accredited certificate at level 2. Book your employees on the next health and safety training course by speaking to us directly or completing our simple online form.