There are many courses that can teach those working in construction about health and safety; however, not all of them are suited for supervisors. Supervisors have to consider their legal responsibilities when it comes to health and safety. It’s not only about what their bosses want them to do, or about moral duties. Legally supervisors must follow the Regulations and work in a way that will help to reduce the risks on the site. That’s why it’s essential for supervisors to have the right training, such as that which is offered on sssts courses.

What are SSSTS Courses?

All over the country there are tutors who deliver sssts courses to supervisors who are new to the job and those who simply require some fresh training in health and safety. The course is the Site Supervisory Safety Training Scheme. It has been designed specifically for supervisors and the course content will provide those attending with vital information they need to know in order to carry out their job correctly when it comes to their legal and moral duties.

Health and safety laws have been introduced to help protect workers from ill health or injury that result from their job. Construction is one of the most dangerous industries out there, with multiple fatalities and serious injuries that could have been avoided if the law was followed and the supervisors were well trained. The training will teach the skills that your supervisor needs to work within the laws and to help reduce the risks on site benefiting the whole company and the workers as well as the supervisor themselves.

What is Learnt on the Course?

During the two day training course a tutor will teach your supervisor some essential information such as the health and safety law and the specific health and safety issues that are faced in construction on a daily basis. Focus is also put on earning how to deliver successful tool box talks to the workers and how to supervise occupational health along with learning about behavioural safety. A supervisor with these skills will play an important role in adding to the training of the workers and being aware of what laws need to be followed. They will learn confidence when it comes to helping to build and maintain a strong health and safety culture within your firm.

How Do You Benefit?

As an employer you have a duty to provide training to your supervisors to make sure they are competent. Choosing one of the SSSTS courses will show you have thought about the right training for your employee and are looking to comply with the law. You benefit in other ways too. You gain a qualified supervisor who will have a certificate to show they are ready to work on any site and have the skills required which enable you to contribute to the overall health and safety of the project. You also gain as managing safety and health is one way to reduce absences within your own workers saving you time and money. It also benefits you by helping to improve the site and show the Health and Safety Executive that you have your priorities straight.

Booking your supervisors on one of the many SSSTS courses in the UK benefits everyone. Provide the best training and help your supervisors work within the health and safety law.

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