What Does IPMA Stand For?

IPMA stands for the International Project Management Association.

What is IPMA?

The International Project Management Association (IPMA) is a leading professional organisation dedicated to advancing the project management field globally. With a membership spanning over 80 countries, IPMA is a recognised authority on all aspects of project management.

The organisation’s mission is to promote and develop project management as a profession and to support its members in their professional development. IPMA offers a range of services and resources to help its members stay informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, including training, certification, research, and networking opportunities.

IPMA Certification

IPMA’s certification program is highly regarded and recognised internationally. The IPMA certification system offers four levels of certification, from the IPMA Level D (Certified Projects Director) to the IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Associate). These certifications are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of project management best practices and methodologies, and to demonstrate a professional’s competence and commitment to the field.

In addition to certification, IPMA also offers a range of training and development opportunities, including workshops, seminars, and conferences. These events provide a platform for members to exchange ideas, share best practices, and build their professional networks.

IPMA is actively involved in research and development, and regularly publishes articles, reports, and case studies on a range of project management topics. These resources provide valuable insights and guidance to project managers and help to advance the field as a whole.

The organisation also provides a range of membership benefits, including access to its library of resources and a community of like-minded professionals. Members can connect with other project management professionals from around the world, build their networks, and share their expertise and knowledge.

In conclusion, IPMA is a leading professional organisation that offers a wide range of services and resources to support project management professionals in their careers. Whether you’re just starting out in the field or are a seasoned veteran, IPMA provides the tools and resources you need to succeed and advance your career.