Whether you are taking a first aid training course as a workplace health and safety requirement or simply for your own knowledge, the information that you learn is incredibly valuable. Here are a few reasons why you should take training:

  • Once someone stops breathing or their heart stops pumping blood, they can only survive for approximately five to six minutes until the lack of oxygen results in death or severe brain damage. CPR works by artificially circulating oxygen to the brain until professional help can arrive.
  • According to a statistic, a high percentage of cardiac and breathing emergencies happen in the home while a family member or friend is present to help the victim. If you are this family member, knowledge of CPR can save their life. Your children are more likely to suffer from a choking accident at home than anywhere else and a quick response from someone trained in first aid can make a difference between life and death or permanent damage cause by oxygen deprivation. Sometimes the natural response in an emergency is to freeze up and not do anything. This is a response that comes from fear but it is not a very good way to react. Many people report that taking first aid training helped them to feel more calm and in charge in a scary emergency situation. They were able to revert to the training and know what to do so that they didn’t panic. Knowledge of first aid also helps people to be safer. When you have knowledge of hazards and risks you will be more aware of your environment and better able to anticipate danger and avoid it.
  • Whether you are saving someone’s life or simply helping them with an injury until the ambulance arrives, knowing first aid means that you have the ability to help people, which is something that is incredibly important, valuable and rewarding.

These are just a few of the reasons why learning first aid and CPR is so important and why everyone young and old should complete a first aid training course.