It is often believed that a manager’s job is never done and this is something that I agree with, having been a manager for many years. That being said there is one thing I strongly believe in and that is to never expect your staff to complete duties you wouldn’t do yourself. As a manager you have to lead by example; your job is never done without problems to solve, financial reports to complete and deadlines to manage.

Health and Safety Law

Without the help of your staff, making a profit would not be possible, which is why it’s important you know and understand the health and safety laws, ensuring the workplace is a safe place for all the staff, whether you manage an office or a hotel.

A Day in the Life of a Manager

As a manager it’s not easy to get time off, you need to be at work before the rest of the staff and you need to be the last one to leave at night. It’s a long day but when you start seeing improvements based on changes you have made it is well worth it.

I love the idea of a company running like a well-oiled machine and the way I have always managed to achieve this is through complete transparency. I hold weekly meeting with all the staff where everyone can input ideas and suggestions and it is also a chance for everyone to get any problems off their chest. The problems can be dealt with immediately and then there are no feelings being bottled up which leads to a later explosion.

In order for any business to run smoothly, the employees need to work as a team; it is no secret that all staff have problems with each other from time to time, but if you can put a stop to it sooner than later then you find that everyone will work together with ease and through transparency and regular meetings, the departments work well together as well.

Between problem solving and keeping the office morale at a high, a manager is also responsible for ensuring that targets are achieved and budgets are met. It is easy to decide to spend money on printing, but without a good budget in place, the business won’t prosper.

What’s more, you need to ensure the environment you are making for your staff is safe, which is where importance of the health and safety law comes into place. A healthy working environment is a happy working environment. It doesn’t matter if all your staff sit at computers all day or they work with heavy machinery; inevitably accidents happen from time to time and if you are prepared and have put procedures in place, the chance of an accident is dramatically reduced.

All managers, supervisors, team leaders and business owners should attend health and safety law training. Knowing the law and problems that could happen, figuring out ways to avoid these accidents, putting procedures in place and reviewing the procedures regularly are all ways to save money in the long run. The fewer accidents in the workplace the less you will be claiming on insurance and the more money your business will make.

Every business should know and follow the health and safety law and ensure that all their senior staff members attend training to make the workplace a safe and enjoyable place to work. A reputable health and safety course for managers is the IOSH Managing Safely. f you want to study further after this course consider the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety.

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