There are many injuries and accidents that are caused by health and safety mismanagement. Many of them could have been completely avoided had the right systems been in place. It is essential that your managers are competent when it comes to effectively managing the safety and the health of the employees to help prevent these accidents and incidents from occurring.

When someone is injured or suffering from poor health caused by working conditions the business immediately have costs to meet. There may be sick pay to cover, the cost of replacing the injured or ill party, albeit temporarily. Other costs might come into play such as legal costs and lost revenue from concerned customers or investors. This is why it is essential to ensure that your managers are trained to the IOSH Managing Safely and / or NEBOSH General Certificate standard.

What Health and Safety Management Training is Best?

Training comes in different forms. First of all you need to educate and inform people on how to do their job properly. Then you must let them know what can be done and what never must be done and finally you provide relevant information. Many business owners fail to provide the right training to their managers – providing basic information that doesn’t include all of the necessary facts. This means managers are left guessing on how to prevent accidents and illness, which is not appropriate or sufficient in the eyes of the law.

Even if you have a minimal budget set aside for training you will still be able to find an affordable option. You need not send your managers away on a long training course, there are suitable options that are fully recognised that can be completed in a matter of days.

Many of the IOSH Managing Safely and NEBOSH General Certificate courses are held all over the UK at local training centres and are also available in online and e-learning formats – helping to reduce costs and the time that your employee needs to be away from work.

Tutor-led courses are the most popular, however online and e-learning provides more flexible studying. A professional tutor will ensure that the course materials are understood by your manager. They are there to answer questions and provide assistance as and when needed.

What Your Manager Has to Know

There are some areas of health and safety that your manager must be aware of. It is vital that they know what the legal risks are and what can happen if the welfare of the employees and the Health and Safety at Work Regulations are not followed. It is also essential that you provide them training in spotting potential hazards and how to conduct a risk assessment.

Choose the right course for your managers to avoid any of your employees getting hurt or illness from work. Look out for suitable courses that teach them about the law and how to conduct risk assessments.

Other Health and Safety Courses to Consider