Construction is a dangerous business; health and safety plays a huge role in the industry and has to be maintained and managed to avoid serious problems. The SSSTS is a course that teaches supervisors some skills in health and safety that will enable them to be effective managers of safety and health protecting themselves, other workers and the entire business.

Are Your Supervisors Competent?

When you promote a new supervisor they are giving their time and expertise to assisting you at a senior level. This puts legal responsibilities on their shoulders when it comes to health and safety and therefore they need to be happy with their level of responsibility and competence to take on the tasks they are given. It is essential that they have training to avoid mistakes that could cost lives and the business. The site supervisor safety training scheme is an excellent course that is recognised throughout the industry and is perfect for supervisors as it has been designed to provide them with the information and skills required to fulfil their legal and moral duties.

In just two days your supervisor will be ready to start working on the health and safety issues. A supervisor has to know about risk assessments and how to conduct a risk assessment, record and review them in the future. They need to be able to produce a safe system of work from the risk assessments. Risk assessments and safe working methods are used to reduce the risks from hazards that are present in all of the various jobs carried out on site, large or small. They are also legally required and if you are found not to have risk assessments you could face prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Be Prepared

The HSE may investigate your business after receiving complaints from fellow contractors, members of the public or clients who have witnessed your work. The HSE also investigate after an incident or accident or a near miss that has had to be reported. Finally the HSE inspectors perform spot checks all year round to try and catch those not taking health and safety seriously off guard. Protect your supervisors, workers and the business by providing SSSTS training and be prepared for everything.

Health and Safety Training Courses to Consider