An important role of a supervisor working within the catering industry is monitoring the health and safety of the workers. Food safety training is therefore a must for anyone put in the role of responsibility. If you have an employee put in charge you have to ensure they have the appropriate level of skill to help reduce the risks found within the industry. It is also essential that your supervisors are aware of their duties, which stretch far beyond telling people what they have to do.

Earning a Recognised Award in Food Safety

When you promote an employee to a new role such as supervisor or manager you first have to make sure they are qualified. If you believe they have the required skills, yet they are lacking in health and safety training it is possible to find them a suitable course to attend. These courses are affordable, provide a recognised qualification and are short and intensive. They provide the information the employee requires to be aware of their legal duties and for them to pass on the skills required to perform the job well.

As an employer you are meeting the criteria of your own role by ensuring sufficient training is given. You are showing compliance with health and safety legislation and taking steps to control hazards in the workplace. You are also making a great investment that should help you to reduce costs that arise from ill health and accidents at work.

Selecting a Course

There are some great courses in food safety that are suitable for those moving into a supervisory position. One to consider is the Level 3 Award Food Safety in Catering. This is a course that is fully recognised in the industry and covers a multitude of topics ranging from legislation to contamination control.

Believe it or not the course can be fully completed in just three days with the examination held on the fourth. Therefore in four days you will have a fully prepared supervisor ready to contribute to the health and safety within your organisation. Call us to book a place for your employees on a food safety training course: 0808 1966 830.

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