If your supervisors are not training to help you manage health and safety you could be in for a whole world of trouble. As an employer you have a responsibility to providing safe working environments for all of your employees. You must also ensure that they are qualified to carry out their job and as supervisors can face prosecution for health and safety failings they need to know what they’re doing. If your supervisors don’t have adequate or up to date qualifications you must provide it. The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme course will educate your construction site supervisors to the standard required by the Health and Safety Executive.

The SSSTS is one of the courses that have been designed with supervisors in mind. It’s suitable for those who are already in the position of a supervisor, or for anyone hoping to be promoted or find new employment in the future. Employers all over the country sign up their workers to this course to help ensure the supervisors are able to assist with the day to say management of health and safety. This is unavoidable in construction, being one of the most dangerous industries there is and therefore this course is worth the small investment.

Why You Must Train Your Supervisors

Each individual working for you must be trained up to an adequate level.  Supervisors risk being prosecuted with you if breaches in legislation are discovered. There doesn’t need to be an accident for the breaches to be discovered. Spot checks are carried out frequently by the HSE but that’s not all. Members of the public, clients and fellow workers within the industry can all report their concerns to the HSE, resulting in an inspection.

If the inspection shows dangerous working conditions you could be ordered to stop work immediately. What’s more it’s possible that you could end up in front of a court judge and be fined or even sentenced to jail. You, your managers and supervisors and the company at a whole can all be affected, so it’s not worth ignoring the need for training in health and safety.

What is On the Course?

Each supervisor will be taught all about the laws, Regulations and Acts that they have to comply with each and every day. This will give them the knowledge on how to work and how not to work. It gives you protection from legal problems that could arise out of sheer ignorance or lack of education. The HSE don’t care if legislation isn’t known, they will prosecute regardless. The course materials move into Approved Codes of Practices and Guidance Notes. What’s more each candidate will learn about the whole legal system and how it works.

Another tool that is useful for supervisors is the ability to know what causes accidents in the construction industry in the first place. The supervisor training focuses on the various types of accidents that could, and often do, happen within the industry. Finally all candidates learn about risk assessments and the important role they play in keeping the working environment safe and healthy for everyone.

Have Qualified Supervisors

If you haven’t provided current training the SSSTS is an excellent way forward. Everyone who passes the end of course assessment is provided with a CITB certificate. The assessment is just a thirty question exam paper so it’s not too daunting for those who haven’t sat an exam for many years.