Fire is a risk that must be planned for and controlled by every business. The right person must be given the responsibility of managing the risks of fire and producing fire safety procedures. That person needs to be aware of the responsibilities, procedures and management techniques in order to fulfil their role within the demands of the law. Therefore training is required such as the fire certificate course by NEBOSH.

NEBOSH have produced this course in order to ensure those given the responsibility of health and safety or just fire health and safety with many excellent learning outcomes. The candidates will be able to understand the fire health and safety legal framework that they must follow. This will also help them to understand any legal problems that may arise if fire safety is not properly managed. The NEBOSH course also looks at the way fires are investigated along with the procedures that are followed.

Other learning outcomes include:

  • Learning control measures that can be introduced and used to help reduce the risks of fire in the workplace
  • Learn about ignition and how fires can spread at work and explosions
  • How to perform and use fire risk assessments which is used to determine what the risks are, who is in danger and what control measures need to be used to reduce the risks
  • How to create and put in place a fire evacuation procedure and maintain the procedure

The candidates are assessed using a practical assessment involving a fire risk assessment. The practical assessment is completed after the course has been completed. In order to be assessed the fire risk assessment must be handed in within two weeks of the course coming to an end. Each candidate will receive a NEBOSH Fire Certificate in approximately 12 weeks after completing the assessment if they are successful.

You can book a place at many different locations throughout the UK by using our simple online booking form. It is also possible to request the course to be completed at home or at work using long distance learning. Find out more by calling us on 0844 567 6750.