Plans are under discussion to remove the requirements for providers of first aid training courses to be first approved by the Health and Safety Executive. The changes will be applied to the Health and Safety First Aid Regulations if they are approved. The proposals for change came after a report was conducted by Professor Lofstedt that was independently researched and since accepted by the Government.

To decide what happens next the Health and Safety Executive are currently conducting consultations over the next six weeks. After the consultations the board will then make their plans and recommendations known to the ministers after the responses have been considered. These are not the only changes that are currently being discussed. The HSE are also considering if the Approved Code of Practice is really useful when it comes to showing companies and individuals how to be in compliance with the health and safety laws.

Proposed Changes in First Aid

The changes to first aid training regulations will mean that it might not be necessary to seek out first aid training courses that have been approved by the HSE. As it stands the courses must be approved such as is the case with the First Aid at Work HSE course. However, the changes will not mean that any course will be suitable. The training will still have to comply with the recommendations and the Regulations. Employers will still need to make sure that there are enough trained first aiders within their organisation as determined by an adequate first aid risk assessment.

The changes will not be applied until at least 2013. In the meantime if you do need to provide first aid training for your workers you will need to comply with the current regulations. You can book places on the 3-Day First Aid at Work HSE course for as many people as you need. The training is available all year round and in multiple locations all over the country via the British Red Cross and St John Ambulance.