John Guidetti, the striker for Manchester City, has spoken about his case of food poisoning that almost put his successful football career to an end. The star fell ill after consuming some chicken at his girlfriend’s party. That piece of chicken gave him food poisoning and led to a strange virus that affected his nervous system.

As a result of the illness he experienced paralysis of his right leg. The problem got worse after he played a game for Feyenoord. He fell to the floor and couldn’t put any weight on his leg. He was told by his physiotherapist to take it easy and do some cycling to help solve the problem, but he was unable to do that. He ended up at the University Hospital in
Rotterdam where he was joined by Philip Batty, the doctor for Manchester City football club. He burst into tears when he was informed that his career was hanging by a thread.
It took Guidetti six months to recover and start building back his strength. Now he has been given the green light to start training once more.

Avoid Food Poisoning By Training Your Staff

Food poisoning can lead to life changing illnesses. Food safety is essential to help prevent food poisoning. There are training centres where you can send your employees to ensure they are aware of the dangers and help to prevent such problems seriously affecting your business and your reputation.

The last thing you want is to know the food you have served has caused anyone any form of illness or pain. Not only is this a moral dilemma it is also a legal one. You could risk being prosecuted by the HSE and even taken to court by the person or persons who fell ill after eating at your establishment.

The food safety course that is suitable for anyone working in the catering industry is the CIEH Level 2 Award in Food Safety in Catering. The trainers will provide course materials and tutor the candidates in many different areas including:

  • Temperature control
  • Refrigeration and cold handling
  • Food handling
  • Food safety hazards
  • Cleaning
  • Reheating and hot handling

Ensure your staff work in a way that will help to reduce the risks of food poisoning. Call 0844 576 6750 and book places on the next suitable food safety course today.