The SSSTS is a popular course for anyone working as a supervisor in the construction industry. This is because it’s an industry recognised qualification, providing the successful candidates with a qualification that can benefit them greatly.

The course lasts for 2 days and is strongly regarded as one of the best courses out there. If you are looking to become a site manager in the future, a supervisor or find yourself in roles of responsibility on site this could be the course for you to choose.

One of the reasons why it is taken by approximately ten thousand people each year is because of the excellent topics and skills taught by the expert tutors. The site management skills are not the only topics that are included; the course materials also cover legal aspects. This allows all candidates to become aware of their legal responsibilities, showing what consequences may be faced if the health and safety on the site is not managed effectively or in line with the law.

Everyone Benefits from the Training Scheme

Being provided with the skills on how to manage health and safety on the site gives confidence to the delegates attending the course. The skills can be easily transferred into a genuine working environment. The benefits are huge for everyone. The employers of the company can show they have provided adequate training to their supervisors. The supervisors are aware of the law and how to work within it, and all workers under the supervisor have their health and safety managed to reduce the risks to them.

Over five days there are core exercises to complete to show understanding. In addition to the exercises each candidate will need to pass an exam before they are awarded with the qualification. The qualification lasts for five years and therefore it is necessary to top up the qualification by attending a refresher course.

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