Having the right training for the job is absolutely essential in the construction industry. It is important to know the correct safety procedures and be able to identify hazards in the workplace, as it is the responsibility of the manager to ensure the safety of all employees. Having the right training is the key to ensuring that safe working practices are carried out.

Two of the most popular training courses available are the SMSTS course and the IOSH Managing Safely course. Both of these courses are managerial level training courses and they are similar in style, but more geared to general management roles in any industry and sector. However, there are quite a few differences between these two training programs, such as the length (Four days for the IOSH Managing Safely course and five days for the SMSTS Training Course). What are the other major differences between these two training courses?

Who They Are Aimed At

One of the main differences between the SMSTS course and the IOSH Managing Safely course is the type of candidate that they are aimed at. The SMSTS stands for Site Management Safety Training Scheme and this course is aimed at Site Managers. It is designed for anyone who is in a role of responsibility within the industry of construction, or someone is intends to become a site manager in the future. The IOSH Managing Safely course is a generic health and safety course that is aimed at supervisors. This course is suited to managers or those who are employed in a supervisory position.

The Requirements to Pass

Another difference between the two courses is the requirements needed to pass. As for the five day SMSTS course, delegates will need to show that they understand the main elements of the program and can pass the core exercises. At the end of their training, they will need to take a final examination. If they pass the exam, it will mean that they qualify for an SMSTS certificate, which is valid for 5 years.

Candidates taking the IOSH Managing Safely course will need to successfully complete the assessments in order to pass. This includes a practical assessment in the workplace and an objective test. The objective test will take place during the course itself and requires a short answer component. The practical assessment must be hand written and must be handed in on time or else the candidate will fail the course.

Online Vs. Classroom Learning

Another difference between these two courses is that one is available to study online while the other requires classroom attendance.

To achieve the SMSTS certificate, you will be required to attend all five days of the course in the traditional classroom or via virtual learning using a digital camera. During the training, you will need to be able to demonstrate that you understand the core components of the course itself and pass all of the core exercises. The delegates must also attend the final examination. Delegates must attend all of the sessions in order to achieve the SMSTS certificate, so if one of the classes is missed the delegate will not be eligible for the certificate.

However, the IOSH course can be taken online via e-learning. This is an option provided by Envico and it means that delegates can receive their training without having to attend a classroom course. This makes the training more convenient for delegates who have a busy schedule or who work in remote areas that might be far away from the nearest training site.

These are just a few of the major differences between these two training courses for supervisors within the construction industry.

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