Your office may seem perfectly safe but there are hazards which you need to be aware of and manage. Your managers will help you to do this, but you have to know how to go about managing health and safety issues. There are laws in place that protect workers and that clearly pinpoint the responsibility of protecting workers down to the employers. You can appoint someone to help you but you will still be prosecuted if problems are found.

Occupational Health and Safety

Managers and business owners can benefit greatly by attending the NEBOSH General Certificate training. The qualification you gain shows you are prepared for the responsibility and educate those attending on the laws and methods that need to be put into practice to help reduce the risks.

Ergonomic Dangers found at Work

One of the risks that are found in all offices falls under ergonomic factors. If ergonomics are not taken into account your workers can face problems with their general well-being. Using screens can cause issues with the eyes and headaches and insufficient furniture can cause issues with the body such as back aches, pulled muscles, RSI and can even lead to stress. These hazards are tackled with risk assessments. You need to learn how to conduct a risk assessment to identify the problems and find solutions to reduce the risks to each person in the office.

Performing Risk Assessments

Risk assessments need to be adequately performed and recorded. They need to include the people who are at risks, the hazards and the current ways you are working to control those hazards. From there you can create a new safe system of work and work out ways to further control hazards. You and your managers are able to learn about controlling workplace hazards on the course. The course has been split into three units:

  1. Management of safety and health
  2. Controlling hazards
  3. Practical assessments

If you need to receive recognised training and gain a qualification in health and safety you can book a place on the NEBOSH course. Simple give us a call on 0808 1966 830 and ask about the general certificate.

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