Site supervisors now face prosecution if they are found to be in breach of health and safety legislation and regulations. Supervisors have to make sure that owners of the company are made aware of any failings on the site. Therefore it is necessary for owners to ensure they have fully trained their supervisors, and that supervisors protect themselves by performing their legal duties. This is where health and safety courses designed for site supervisors come in.


One of the courses we provide is the CCNSG Safety Passport for Supervisors. All candidates must already hold a valid CCNSG Safety Passport as the information delivered on the training doesn’t cover some of the necessary basic topics. The training is delivered in just one day and the syllabus and certificate has been designed for those who are left in charge such as:

  • Managers
  • Site supervisors
  • Site foremen
  • Assistant managers

The candidates are taught vital skills in a classroom setting at various training centres up and down the country. If you have several managers or foremen that require adequate training it is often possible to have a tutor attend your site, saving money and solving logistic problems.

The passport is awarded to all those that pass the course successfully. The passport is valid for a period of three years and will need to be renewed if it’s still required by the individual. There are multiple skills passed on to all of the candidates such as what their roles and duties are and how to improve time management and planning on site.

The Importance of Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessments play such a huge role in the safety on site and therefore this is covered in depth. The proper creation, recording and reviewing is necessary and is an excellent way of recognising the risks and hazards of each job that’s being performed, and how to reduce those hazards by introducing safe methods of work, equipment and additional help.

The health and safety training covered by the various CCNSG courses provide excellent education and will benefit all workers, managers and owners of the company. Call us on 0844 576 6750 and discuss the site supervisor passport and other CCNSG courses in greater detail.