The Right Courses in Health and Safety

The right courses in health and safety can help you to safeguard your employees from work associated risks. These courses can also provide training to help you protect anyone that you may come into contact with in the process of carrying out your daily job.  This can include the general public and also any visitors to your premises.

There are many risks and hazards associated with the work place. Thousands of people every year are involved in accidents at work, some of which can result in serious injury and even fatality. It is never too late to reduce risk in your workplace and manage hazards.

Health and Safety Regulations

You cannot afford to overlook the importance of health and safety.  Not only could you be putting yourself and your employees at risk but you could also be breaking the law. There are penalties to pay if you fail to comply with Health and Safety Regulations. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has the power to prosecute those companies that put workers at risk and can impose hefty fines.

To safeguard the reputation and financial stability of your business and also protect your workforce you do need to implement and manage a comprehensive health and safety policy.

Fire Safety

Fire safety should be a primary concern for any businesses premises.  All types of buildings including offices, factories, laboratories and retail spaces will need a comprehensive fire safety plan in place. Fire can be a dangerous hazard and can put lives at risk. Fire can also cause significant financial loss to businesses and so it is essential to manage this potential hazard and reduce risk.

It is important that your staff are all aware of the fire safety procedures. Even small businesses can benefit from expert fire safety training and there are a number of courses available in this field including:

First Aid

Studies have shown that even basic first aid skills can save lives in an emergency. These skills can also lessen the impact of accidents and help to prevent minor injuries from becoming major ones. Would you know what to do is someone become ill or was injured in your workplace?

First aid training is a vital asset to any business. The health and safety regulations detail employer requirements in this area and these can apply to all businesses, even those with just a few employees. There are several different types of first aid training courses available, some of which only take one day to complete. Assess the level of first aid need at your workplace and also check the regulations before you choose courses. These can include:

Finding Training Courses

The easiest way to find the right courses in health and safety is to go our website. Our site is a fantastic resource for all kinds of training needs. You will be able to learn more about the various courses available and how they could benefit you. You can book courses for your staff online and this can save a lot of time and hassle.

If you are unsure what courses you need then contact us on 0808 1966 830. A member of our team will guide you through the services we offer and help you understand what type of training your employees need.

Don’t delay in putting in place a comprehensive health and safety policy. You can find courses in health and safety online now to keep your workforce up-to-date and informed.