Any organisation needs to be aware of the health and safety law. It’s important to know the laws, understand them and the implications faced if they are broken. You should also be aware of how to work to remain within the law at all times in order to help reduce the chances of employees being harmed or falling ill while working or as a result of work. The NEBOSH General Certificate is one way to ensure you and your managers are aware of how not to break the law or put anyone at risk.

Learn the Law and Manage the Risks

On the General Certificate course you and your senior personnel can learn about the management of health and safety and work place hazards in the first two units. On the third and final unit all candidates taking the course must complete a practical assessment to put everything learnt on the training into practice. This takes the form of a risk assessment which needs to be handed in within two weeks of the final day of the course.

Some of the main areas of focus on the course are the legal framework as well as moral and economic implications. This is because it’s not all about the money a prosecution costs your organisation, you must also consider your moral duties and the possibility of living with a death or life changing injury that you could of avoided through better health and safety management.

Start Building a Strong Respect for Health and Safety in your Organisation

On the course you will also learn about how to help create a strong health and safety culture and work on communication skills needed to make sure the safety measures and working methods are fully understood by your workforce. The workers need to know what the risks are and how they are able to help reduce the chances of being made ill or hurt as they perform their working activities.

Risk assessments, proactive and reactive monitoring and controlling hazards play a huge role for senior managers and supervisors, and business owners must be aware of them too. If you want to make sure your company is working within the law book a place on the nationally recognised NEBOSH qualification.