Each and every person that comes to work for you requires health and safety training. It is your duty to ensure they are made aware of the risks that are involved with their work and the working environment. To do this it is necessary for you to be aware of the risks and have the skills needed to give the right information and suitable training that is considered adequate by the Health and Safety Executive.

All people you are paying for services must be given the same suitable training including any contractors you hire or self-employed people. Essential topics must include:

  • The hazards they are facing
  • The measures that you have created to minimise or eliminate the risks
  • The emergency procedures in place and how to follow them correctly

Keeping a training record is a must as there are times when retraining is required. Furthermore as people are moved around the company you may need to refocus their training to ensure that the new jobs and duties that they are now involved have been covered.

If you do not have the necessary skills to provide the training yourself it’s important to hire people that do. Some excellent courses available will reduce the need to hire new employees with health and training qualifications on their CV. Courses range from basics for workers to more in-depth training for those who will have serious health and safety responsibilities within your organisation.

The cost of each course is to be met by you the employer and not the employees. It is also essential that the training is taking place in work hours. There are many courses that you can take at local education centres and distance learning is available. If you have several employees that need to earn the qualification, it might be better to consider in-house options. This is where a tutor will come into your premises to deliver the content of the course.

Remember that you should not simply forget the training once everyone has received the basics. There are times when needs change such as:

  • When you employ someone new
  • When people change jobs
  • If you have young people in your workplace
  • When health and safety representatives and managers require further or refreshed qualifications

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