The Health and Safety Executive consider one of the most effective ways to reduce accidents is by managing risk. You can do this by performing risk assessments and using them to determine safe processes and methods of work. If you do not have risk assessment training it is important to seek out the best course for you.

Managers and those in a supervisory position need to have risk management training to ensure that the workplace remains safe and to show you are complying with the legislations and regulations regarding health and safety in the workplace. You can attend a course to help you discover what the hazards are, how to spot ones and what to do before any work commences which could possibly involve any dangers to those carrying out the work.

Find the Right Course for You and Your Managers

You can use risk assessments to highlight the people who are at risk, what the risks are and how they can be combated. This may involve further training, introducing new equipment or machinery or any other practice which can limit the risks. There are many courses available which are designed to pass on the necessary skills for managers, business owners and supervisors which have a legal responsibility to carry out risk assessments as part of their work.

Not only will courses help to show the process and requirements involving risk assessment, it can teach why the assessments are required and the laws and legal action which can be taken if assessments are found to be inadequate.

Varying Length and Levels of Training Available

You can find many courses, some of which can be carried out online and in the comfort of your own home. Employers are also able to offer the training in the workplace or send employees on the tutor led courses at a local training centre. The duration of the courses varies and so do the qualifications. It’s important to find the most suitable course depending on your previous training, your responsibilities in your place of work and also to discover the best ways of receiving the training. If you would like some advice, or book a place on one of the risk assessment training courses, call 0808 1966830.