If you are a manager or working in a supervisory role it’s vital that you have some health and safety knowledge. The very first place to start is learning about your legal duties to those who you are responsible for. If they are injured or killed in an accident you could be held responsible and prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). From there you’ll need to learn about managing the safety in your workplace and the NEBOSH General Certificate can provide you with this information and a lot more.

Recommended Prior Learning

Work Towards a Qualification Which Can Take You Places

A recognised qualification is the most valuable tool you can add to your career portfolio. There is little point training if you are not going to gain the recognition for your hard work if you decide to change jobs. It’s also important to have adequate training when it comes to health and safety so that you can successfully prove that you have received the right education and have the ability to help reduce the number of incidents in the workplace.

With the NEBOSH General Certificate you can train in occupational health and safety and receive a certificate which is recognised and respected. You’ll learn all of the necessary legal framework as well as focusing on your moral duties to those that you are responsible for. From there you’ll work on communication skills and how they are important to creating a culture within the workplace which understands and respects the importance of safety. Working together and understanding individual roles in safe working practices is vital.

Elements Covered in the Course

During the NEBOSH course you’ll cover:

  • How to identify possible hazards and how to control and reduce the risks associated with them using safe systems of work
  • Advising on minimising fire hazards and risks and develop a fire safety procedure
  • The effects working environments can have on health and how to combat the risks
  • Reporting and investigating accidents
  • Proactive and reactive health and safety monitoring
  • Key features of the policies
  • Health and safety audits

How You Learn is Up to You

You can choose to take the NEBOSH General Certificate course in a traditional classroom setting, at home via e-learning, online (instructor-led), alternatively by distance learning. If you don’t have the time to take off work or are unable to commit a certain amount of hours in one go the distance learning is a good option to take. You are able to learn at times to suit you and you’ll still have access to tutors to help you through the work. The tutor led classroom training is ideal if you wish to get the course out of the way and obtain your certificate in a classroom setting.

Most NEBOSH courses are available in a classroom setting, online (instructor-led, e-learning or through distance learning. Contact us on 0808 1966 830 to find the right course for you.

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