Learn the Health and Safety at Work Act and How to Apply it to Your Everyday Business

There are many Regulations that need to be followed by employers. As an employer you must be aware of the laws that affect you and getting to know the ins and outs of the Health and Safety at Work Act is vital. The health and Safety Act at Work is the primary act which is enforced by the Health and Safety Executive. The secondary legislation is also enforced by the HSE along with local authorities and they work together to ensure that expected standards are being followed. There are various acts so it is important to be aware of the ones that relate to your business.

Keep Up to Date with Health and Safety Training

One of the best ways to ensure you are following the necessary legislation is through general health and safety courses. You can find curses specific to your industry e.g. construction health and safety courses or environmental management and awareness training that will provide you with the basic knowledge regarding the Acts which relate to you. The courses do vary greatly. Some last for half a day and will give directors and business owners a good insight into what they need to know. Other courses vary in length form a couple of days to many months; it is down to you to pick the right one which you feel will provide you with the information that you need.

As an employer it is not enough to stop at your own training. You must ensure that your workers have been provided with free and suitable training too. You can pass on the management of your health and safety to managers and supervisors who are properly trained in performing the tasks. They will need to be aware of the health and safety acts and the methods that are used to keep employees and the public safe from harm.

Risk Assessments Play a Huge Role

One of the effective methods that are to be used in the management of health and safety is the use of risk assessments. You and your senior staff should know the purpose of and how to conduct a risk assessment, how to perform them, record the assessments and use them to implement and discover new and more effective ways of reducing the risks that are exposed.

Risk assessments must be performed by law. It is necessary to consider all actions of the job, who is affected by the job and the current methods that are in place to reduce the risks found in that specific job. From there the manager is able to decide if changes need to be made. The changes could include providing safety protective clothing, changing the materials used in the job, assigning more people and a supervisor to the task and providing further training. Whatever control measures are introduced must be implemented and every person affected needs to be aware of the risks and how they must perform their job correctly to remain safe.

Choose a Health and Safety Course that Teaches Risk Assessment

As risk assessments are required in the health and safety at work act you must ensure they are carried out at a satisfactory level. There are many excellent courses that will provide the training needed by you and your employees to ensure this job is done correctly. The courses are available all over the UK and at all times of the year, so there are no excuses if you fail to provide the training.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will prosecute any employer who fails to provide health and safety training or that fails to ensure risk assessments are carried out. In some circumstances the managers and supervisors may also be prosecuted. This involves a court appearance where a judge will hear both sides and make a judgement. If found guilty or you have no choice but to plead guilty you will be fined and could even be sent to prison.

Ensure you are aware of the health and safety act and legislation for your industry. Take health and safety training courses to improve your knowledge and avoid problems with the HSE.