At the end of the year many businesses will evaluate the past twelve months and set new targets for the year ahead. It’s a time for personal resolutions and business ones too. One of the ways to improve on the year gone by is to ensure that your health and safety training is up to date. You might be in need of furthermore up to date training, your employees may need to sit refresher courses to remain qualified or you might have new employees who are yet to attend a suitable course.

Work Morally and Legally

Reducing the risks in your workplace is good news for everyone. Not only will you be acting morally correct, you will also be working within the current legislation. One of the ways to do this is through training. You can learn how to continue working to the laws and Regulations, learn any new changes or methods that are being used, a very worthwhile way to spend a few days if you own a business.

Check the Expiry Dates

Your employees must keep their qualifications and health and safety passports up to date too. You might have sent a few employees on courses when they started, yet the certificates could be coming to their expiry date. Check your records to see who needs to attend a training refresher course this year and book their place. Many courses will need to be completely resit if you are to miss the expiry date on the current certificate.

Train Up Your New Employees

Finally you may have taken on new staff towards the end of the year, or intend to in 2013. In which case, you will have to provide them with health and safety training that is suited to their job, the industry and the work that they will be performing.

There are many health and safety courses available all over the UK. You will need to make the job of booking the right courses for you and your employees one of your top priorities in 2013. Health and safety is a constant concern, making it an important factor to focus on.

Never leave arranging health and safety courses until it’s too late. Stay on top of the training and keep your business in tip top shape.