Managers have a duty to help organise and monitor the health and safety procedures and policies in the workplace. In order to do this effectively some training is required. It is important to be aware of the legal problems that can arise when risks are not managed. It is also vital the methods of monitoring, reviewing and spotting hazards are known. The NEBOSH General Certificate is therefore an excellent course to choose for managers without current qualifications, as well as supervisors and personnel who have a level of responsibility when it comes to health and safety within the organisation.

A Wide Range of Health and Safety Topics

The NEBOSH General Certificate gives a wide range of information and education on serious issues facing all managers and supervisors. Each candidate will learn a multiple of skills that can be easily applied at work. The topics that are covered include:

The great thing about the NEBOSH course is the way it is taught. It is possible to learn under the experienced and professional guidance of tutors in a traditional classroom setting. This method of learning provides you with face to face time with the tutors that will ensure you understand the course materials to aid a successful completion of the course.

Having a general understanding of the multiple aspects of health and safety management will help with complying with your legal requirements. It will also ensure the methods being used in the company are up to date with the latest methods and techniques. A well-managed company will benefit from fewer absences, less risk of accidents from occurring and therefore less chance of financial implications that arise from such problems.

What if You Have No Time to Attend a Course?

The beauty of the Internet allows managers to train even when time is limited. The training can be taken online through e-learning. You will still have access to the help of tutors and all the course materials you need to gain a good understanding and pass the exam to become qualified.

Qualifications such as the NEBOSH National Diploma, NEBOSH General Certificate or the IOSH Managing Safely course will benefit the whole company as well as the delegate. Reduce the risks with excellent training