Did you know that over 200 workers in the United Kingdom are killed every year in accidents on the job and that more than one million people per year are injured? In addition, over two million people suffer from illnesses which are either caused by or exacerbated by their working environment.

Preventing these tragic accidents and deaths should be a key priority for everyone involved in the organisation. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if proper health and safety procedures or precautions had been followed. A mistake can happen in an instant but can affect someone for a lifetime, so it is absolutely crucial that you take responsibility for doing everything you can to promote health and safety in the workplace.

The Importance of H&S Training for Your Business

The NEBOSH International General Certificate is an essential standard health and safety award which helps organisations comply with internationally recognised health and safety standards. This course will instruct you on how to manage health and safety better within your organisation and fulfil your legal duty to protect the health and safety of your employees.

The course teaches a number of excellent transferable skills which help to create and maintain a safe working environment. It also covers essential topics including how to identify hazards, perform risk assessments, record findings, minimise risk when working with fire and other safety procedures. Participants will also learn about the procedures and processes for reporting and investigating accidents.

Taking this NEBOSH International Certificate will have a number of positive benefits for your organisation. The training will help to make your employees more competent in all aspects of health and safety in the workplace. It will also help you to avoid the distress that ill health and accidents cause as well as the financial costs of occupational accidents.

NEBOSH training will also help to cut down on absenteeism, improve your profit and loss statement, help you become more efficient and improve your business profile with clients and insurers. These are just a few of the many benefits that high quality internationally recognised health and safety training will have on your organisation.

International Health and Safety Training

This course was created for companies that perform work outside of the UK as well as for employees of multinational businesses and non UK nationals. This NEBOSH International General Certificate is aimed toward supervisors, worker representatives and managers who have health and safety responsibilities.

The qualification is recognised all over the world and will be valid when performing work in any other company. In order to pass the course and obtain the qualification, all participants must take the examinations. Upon successfully completing the exams the participants will be awarded with an International Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety.

The path to reducing accidents and incidents in the workplace begins with quality health and safety training and the implementation of appropriate procedures within the organisation. Contact us today to learn more about the range of excellent health and safety programs that we offer.

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