You might have heard about the introduction of the Fee for Intervention that was introduced on 1st October 2012. This is a fee that was handed out by the Health and Safety Executive in a bid to recover costs from the guilty party rather than from the public. If you are a business it is important to be aware of the new fee and what it could mean for you if you don’t comply with health and safety legislation.

Pay Out for Training or Risk Huge Fines and Fees

If you are found to be in breach of health and safety laws you will now be charged for the costs that have been applied by the HSE inspectors. To avoid the fees it’s important to ensure your employees are fully trained in health and safety and that you have a strong health and safety culture on site. The Site Supervisors Safety Training Scheme is an excellent course to consider if you are looking to improve the safety on site and will certainly prepare your supervisors with the skills they need to help prevent problems.

The HSE inspectors can turn up on site at any time. There doesn’t need to be an accident or incident for you to be prosecuted. An on the spot inspection or a concerned report from a member of the public can quickly highlight areas where you’re failing your employees and lead to the prosecution, risks of fines and court costs and now additional costs in the form of the Fees for Intervention.

Avoid Legal Problems

If you have been putting off providing the right training for your employees it is worth looking at what this could cost you in the long run. The small cost of the training is nothing compared to how much you could end up paying to the courts and the HSE, even the victim through a personal injury claim. This can lead into the thousands, and even hundreds of thousands.

The SSSTS is a great investment, protecting your finances but more importantly the lives of everyone on your site. Putting off the health and safety training has no benefits, contact us on: 0808 1966 830 and book your supervisor on the next appropriate course.

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