Risk assessments play such a huge role in managing health and safety. It’s necessary to perform these assessments in order to comply with the law. They are used to help spot hazards, find the risks and who is at risk and then discover ways of reducing the risks. You cannot avoid risk assessments and you do need to be competent to perform them, therefore the qualification is a must for all supervisors in the construction industry.

Knowing How to Perform Risk Assessments is Essential

The main focus of the site supervisor course is to teach the importance of risk assessments and how to use them. Supervisors have a legal duty to help firms maintain and control their health and safety policy along with managers and business owners themselves, so it’s vital they recover training on how to carry out the assessments properly. It’s also a matter of morals for the supervisors too. If they fail in creating the assessments and someone is injured or killed it’s something they will have to live with.

Risk assessments are not the only purpose of the scheme. The course content gives each individual a lot of information regarding the law and legal system. By providing this information supervisors are able to see why it’s so important to play a strong role in managing the health and safety and strengthening the health and safety culture within the organisation.

In two days each individual attending the course can gain a qualification, fully recognised throughout the industry, and understand their duty in the eyes of the law. The candidates leave with risk assessment skills and can become a proactive supervisor benefitting everyone in the company.

Gaining the Qualification

Passing the assessment will mean the individual gain the CITB accredited certificate and proof of their skills. The certificate lasts for five years and needs to be refreshed by attending a short refresher course for it to be replaced. This system ensures the supervisor remains up dated on the latest laws and Regulations and is able to refresh their skills to ensure workers have the best person possible helping to ensure they remain safe and healthy while working for the firm.

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