The need for fire and health and safety training from NEBOSH has been highlighted in a recent case heard at Carlisle Magistrates Court. A large dairy firm, The First Milk Cheese Company was prosecuted after a major explosion at their factory in Cumbria. The explosion occurred in July 2010 and was strong enough to cause extensive damage to the boiler house at Aspatria Creamery. The damage was so fierce the debris was forced more than one hundred meters over the site. The roof lifted off yet despite the dramatic damage, no one was hurt.

Huge Fine for Breaching Safety Regulations

The Health and Safety Executive investigated and discovered that one of the vents in the water and heating system was blocked. As a result, the pressure mounted inside the tank that held up to nine thousand litres of water. The temperature raised to more than 150 degrees and the vent pipe was unable to work after being blocked with years worth of calcium carbonate. Due to this blockage there was the huge explosion that could have easily seriously hurt or killed anyone in the vicinity.

The firm was fined £20,000, and ordered to pay court costs equalling £36,064. The fine was because the firm had breached the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations by not preventing the blockage from occurring.

Avoid Fires and Explosions with NEBOSH Fire Safety Training

Health and safety training is a great way of learning about the laws and regulations as well as safe working methods. It is important to consider the daily or weekly operations that can prevent explosions and fires from occurring. Risk assessments play an important role in fire safety and if you receive the right training, it is possible to learn the skills that can lead to excellent management systems and good health and safety practices.

You can send your health and safety manager or supervisor on the NEBOSH course designed to help prevent fires and their corresponding explosions. The NEBOSH fire safety certificate is recognised all over and will teach the cause of fires and how they can be prevented as well as how to create fire risk assessments and manage investigations and control measures. Find out more about the NEBOSH Fire Certificate safety training by calling 0844 576 6750.