These days employers cannot afford to overlook health and safety. This is a huge part of the modern world and affects all areas of life. Whether you are working on a building site or visiting a public museum, health and safety plays a role in protecting you from potential risks.

When employers are looking for new candidates for their businesses they will want the most for their money. The more training and experience you can evidence on your CV the more desirable you will be to employers. If you are thinking of working in the construction industry then qualifications in health and safety can be a huge advantage. NEBOSH certification could go a long way to helping you get ahead in a busy and competitive jobs market. This globally-recognised health and safety training will help you stand out from the crowd and get on the employers most wanted lists.

Who Needs a Certificate?

Thousands of people every year take advantage of the training NEBOSH can offer. Training takes place all over the world and certificates are recognised by the essential professional bodies such as the IOSH (Institution of Occupational Safety and Health). The qualifications are aimed towards supervisors, managers and coordinators across a broad range of industries including construction, utilities, civil engineering and more.

These certificates offer comprehensive training for those required to oversee working activities and ensure they are carried out safely. With this training you can offer your employers some great benefits including:

  • Safer work places – health and safety trained supervisors and managers can help make workplaces safer. They will be training in assessing risk and enforcing health and safety legislation. This will provide a safer working environment for employees and visitors.
  • Peace of Mind – health and safety is taken very seriously in the modern business world. There are many laws and regulations that employers cannot afford to overlook. NEBOSH trained staff can help to protect businesses against potential problems such as litigation, prosecution or loss of working hours by ensuring health and safety legislation is followed and risks are minimised.

If you are looking to achieve a supervisory or management position in your field then training in health and safety can be a beneficial addition to your CV. The Internet has made it easy to find and carry out training for your career. You can easily find the nearest NEBOSH training providers by looking online. You can also find out more about studying for health and safety training online and find some great resources to aid your learning.