Health and safety careers require a lot of training. The laws and best practices keep changing and there is a lot of need to ensure the management is kept up to standard. Failing to comply with the laws can lead to serious injuries, occupational diseases and even fatalities so education and qualifications are essential. NEBOSH distance learning gives a way to train while working and there are many different health and safety courses to choose from.

The following NEBOSH distance learning and online courses are available:

Traditional Classroom Courses Don’t Suit Everyone

Traditionally taught courses often require you to attend a learning centre either for a week or two or on a weekly basis. This is often a great way to get the course completed in a short period of time but it’s not suitable for everyone. Employers may not be able to do without your assistance for such extended periods and you may not find the environment suitable for how you learn, not everyone is able to do their best in a classroom setting.

Learn at your Own Pace

If you would prefer to learn at your own speed or cannot afford to take time off you may need to look at the alternatives. The National Examination Board of Occupational Health and Safety provide many of their excellent courses on an e-learning or distance learning basis. These options allow you to complete the training either at work or at home.

If your employer has chosen to send you for training they need to allow you time to complete the training in your own working hours. The e-learning course can be completed during set hours. If you are paying for your own training you can complete it when you are not working at your own home or in any location where you have access to a quiet environment with a computer that is connected to the Internet.

Some of the courses allow you extra time to complete the course. As long as you complete the exams on time you can choose how quickly or slowly you work through the materials. You will be provided with everything you need, such as books and the course contents that are most often provided online.

Your NEBOSH Distance Learning Qualification is Valuable

When you take a distance learning course the qualification will be the same as the one you would receive if you took the course in the traditional classroom setting. You achieve the same level of skills and techniques and the same certification. NEBOSH provide highly respected, accredited and recognised qualifications that can open doors and improve your earning potential.

There are many NEBOSH courses to choose from that are available via distance learning. Some of the popular choices are the General Certificate, Construction Certificate, National Diploma and the Fire Certificate.

The distance learning courses provide a flexible way to earn new qualifications. Open more doors and take control of your career.