There are several health and safety courses by NEBOSH. If you are looking to provide training to employees in your company that will have a role in the safety and health of your organisation they need to have an excellent base on which to grow. The Award in Health Safety at Work course is an excellent option to consider.

What is on the NEBOSH Syllabus?

Team leaders and managers, trainers and the human resources department would all benefit greatly from taking the Health and Safety at Work course form NEBOSH. If they have had no previous training in this area the course contents are ideal. During a three day period the candidates will work through the course materials under the guidance of a fully trained tutor.

Some of the information that is provided is:

  • What risk assessments are, why they are needed and what their aim is
  • The purpose of control measures within the organisation
  • How to apply control measures and health and safety strategies within the workplace to reduce certain risks

How Will Your Organisation Benefit from the NEBOSH Course?

If you are an employer you may be wondering what you can benefit from sending your workers for the training. One of the main benefits is financial. By providing training it is possible to dramatically reduce the risks and hazards that can cost businesses a lot of money. You might have to pay out compensation, court fines and costs cover the cost of sick pay, absences, loss of production and replacing broken equipment. Another bonus for employers is by gaining highly qualified employees who are able to help to establish a strong health and safety culture within the organisation. Another important benefit is to show that you are providing adequate training to those that need it. The Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers to do everything possible to reduce risks and keep employees safe and healthy.

Training is one way of complying with the law and this can help to avoid prosecution should an incident arise. For further information on the NEBOSH Health Safety at Work or the benefits of providing training call us on: 0844 576 6750