Saving money is extremely important for businesses right now. Many construction firms are feeling the pinch, just like everyone else in this current economic climate. Health and safety training is still a must within the industry. There is no excuse for not giving your workers the training they require. The Health and Safety Executive will not stop at prosecuting you just because you couldn’t afford it. Therefore it’s worth looking at ways that will help you to save money and stop prosecutions simply because your workforce has not been given the right training.

What Are Your Training Options?

When sending your employees for training it is possible to send the candidates to a local training centre. These courses are more affordable than you might expect. It is possible to provide your employees with an opportunity to gain a qualification that will benefit them and you. If this is not ideal many of the health and safety courses can be provided through e-learning. This option is more flexible and may suit you if you need to have the workers on site each day. Both of these options are great, but if you have five or more candidates that need to attend a health and safety training course you do have another option. In house training involves a tutor coming to your site or premises and delivering the course content face to face. It’s a great way to learn and stops you having to spend out on travel to and from the training centre. In house training also has another advantage. By bulk ordering training courses you can reduce the cost of the training altogether.

SMSTS is Available is to Provide In House

There is lots of health and safety courses available in-house. One of the most popular ones to consider is the SMSTS and the SSSTS. These are fantastic courses that are beneficial to employees and employers. You can organise several of your workers to take the course at any one time, ensure they are trained to a high standard and save money in the meantime. Discuss the health and safety training courses available in house by speaking to one of our team on 0844 576 6750