There are some courses that provide qualifications for a limited time. These health and safety courses need to be renewed or refreshed at regular intervals to ensure the delegates still have the required skills and the most up to date information that will help to ensure a safe site. If you hold the SMSTS or the CCNSG Safety Passport you will need to make sure you enrol for the refreshers in time to stay qualified.

Refresh Your SMSTS

The SMSTS refresher must be taken before the qualification expires after a period of five years. The course to renew the qualification lasts for just two days, unlike the original course which demanded five days of attendance to become qualified. The objectives of the refresher is to be updated with the most recent developments that have been introduced to construction legislation as well as the accident causes and the reasons and costs involved in prevention. All of the Approved Codes of Practice, Case Law and Guidance Notes will be covered too.

During the refresher the procedures of risk assessments and monitoring health and safety will also be touched upon once more. All candidates will be reminded of their responsibilities, both moral and legal and how they can continue to measure and monitor performance.

Renew Your CCNSG Passport

The CCNSG Safety Passport renewal also lasts for just five days and can be sat in a classroom setting. The course content involves being updated on safety practices and legislation and a refresher of all the areas that are covered in the initial safety passport course. The Safety Passport lasts for three years so you will need to attend the refresher course if you wish to stay qualified. It’s important to sign up for the refresher up to three months before the expiry date and no later than three months after the passport has expired. If you wait longer you will have to attend the full course once more to regain the recognised qualification.

If you have any questions concerning the SMSTS refresher course or the CCNSG renewal call our advisors for assistance. You can also book your place on the next suitable course by calling 0844 576 6750.