The Site Safety Passport is a training scheme accredited by the Client Contractor National Safety Group. The scheme was created back in the 1990’s when industries recognised the need for standardised health and safety training. This is an excellent award for all those employed in the construction and engineering industries. It’s nationally recognised and often required by clients, contractors and employees looking to expand their workforce.

Your Responsibilities as an Employer

If you run your own business it is essential to provide adequate health and safety training, beyond the usual site induction training. The Site Safety Passport will build on the induction and provide an abundance of skills and information to all of your employees. You will gain by having qualified employees on site who understand the health and safety laws, the role they play in the health and safety of the site and show compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act.

In addition to gaining qualified employees all employers benefit from:

  • Managing a safer site
  • Reducing the risks and hazards that come with working in construction and engineering
  • Reduced expenses caused by absences caused by incidents and accidents
  • Reduced chances of damage caused by accidents and incidents such as prosecution by the HSE and compensation claims from injured parties
  • A workforce ready to work on projects where clients demand CCNSG passports

What’s covered on the Training Scheme?

All those attending the CCNSG Safety Passport training will receive face to face training from qualified tutors in a classroom environment. The course includes many elements all focusing on building on understanding of practices and procedures relating to the health and safety laws and permits to work. By the end of the two days the attendees will be able to:

  • Define what the regulations for work are regarding heavy machinery and cranes
  • Define the COSHH and personal protective equipment
  • Outline what the safe practices of work are for access and exiting scaffolding
  • Describe the noise and excavations procedures and practices
  • Understand and describe the procedures for accidents and first aid
  • Define the precautions and procedures concerning fires
  • Define the theories of manual handling

Duration and Qualification

The Site Safety Passport training lasts for two days and at the end of the two days all attendees will be tested. In order to be awarded with the qualification it’s necessary to sit the multiple choice question papers and pass with a mark of at least 80% on each of the papers.

All successful students will be sent a Site Safety Passport by the CCNSG within three weeks of passing the training. All those who are successful will be given a temporary passport to use for up to six weeks, which can be used as evidence of your qualification.

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