Site supervisor safety is incredibly important in the workplace and it is essential for anyone who is in a supervisory role to have the appropriate health and safety training for their position.

Health and safety training will ensure that you or your employees are not made ill or injured while they are carrying out work tasks. Also, it will help to develop a culture in the workplace that is positive toward health and safety – rather than regarding it as an unnecessary nuisance.

Site supervisor safety will help to avoid the financial costs and the disruption that accidents cause, as well as helping your business to adhere to the law.

Why is Site Supervisor Safety so Important?

There are many reasons why site supervisor safety in the workplace is so important, such as:

Legal Reasons

It is required by law for all supervisors to have the appropriate health and safety training for their position. If you are in a position of responsibility, you must be proactive in managing the health and safety regulations of the company and enforcing them among your employees.

Moral and Ethical Reasons

Of course, one of the most important reasons for promoting health and safety in the workplace is that you have a moral obligation to do so. The people who are working at your company are individuals, with lives of their own and families who care about them. If there were to be hurt or killed in a workplace accident, it would be a devastating event that would have a huge impact on them, their loved ones and their community. If the accident was due to a factor that could have been prevented by following proper health and safety procedures – this is a serious ethical issue.

Economic Benefit

Having an effective health and safety policy will save your company money and will promote efficiency in the workplace. Work related diseases and ill health have a negative effect on productivity and also cost the company money. These problems can be avoided with the proper site supervisor safety training.

Taking action on health and safety will reduce your absenteeism, improve your profit and loss statement, help you to become more efficient and much more.

Avoiding Lost Time

As well as saving you money, having the right health and safety procedures in place in your organisation will also save you time. An accident that shuts down your workplace and requires an employee to take time off work will cost you a lot of productive hours, which can put you behind in your goals and put pressure on the company.

Business Reputation

Having many workplace accidents and incidents can have a negative effect on the reputation of your business. Your company will be regarded as unsafe and irresponsible, which will make potential clients and contractors hesitant to work with you. Also, you might have trouble recruiting staff because they will be turned off by the record of unsafe working conditions.

These are just a few of the reasons why site supervisor safety is so important in the workplace and why it is crucial to pay attention to it.

Steps Toward Site Supervisor Safety

There are many reasons why site supervisor safety is important, but what are the steps to making it happen? Once you are armed with the knowledge that you will have gained from your health and safety training, you will be able to follow the right procedures in order to establish site supervisor safety in the workplace.

The first step is to conduct a risk assessment in order to figure out what dangers are present within your workplace and how you can avoid them. A risk assessment should be thorough and should be conducted according to the guidelines that you will have learned in your training. Take a close look at the workplace and the tasks that are being carried out and determine what risks are involved.

Once you have figured out all of the potential risks in your workplace, you will need to take these into consideration when establishing the health and safety procedures for your employees. Ask yourself if you have selected the correct control measures in order to prevent these main risks and whether are not they are adequate.

Afterward, another important step in site supervisor safety is the monitoring process. You will need to monitor the workplace to ensure that your health and safety procedures are actually being carried out. Are the correct working practices that you have outlined actually being put into practice? As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to inspect the workplace regularly or investigate accidents and “near misses” in order to avoid the risk of them happening again.

If any of your employees have been cutting corners and not following the correct procedures, it is important for you to enforce the right disciplinary act on them. They should be corrected when they are doing things wrong and if they continue, action might need to be taken to retrain them or enforce consequences.

Also, another important step to site supervisor safety is gathering feedback and communicating with employees. Health and safety should be a team effort and collaboration, so seek to find out from your employees about how the procedures that you have established are working. If they have any concerns, such as ill-fitting equipment, inefficient scheduling, faults noticed in the machinery or concerns with the safety of the working environment or the tasks at hand, they should feel comfortable coming to you to voice those concerns. When you hear these concerns from your employees, you should take them seriously.

Health and Safety Training is Key

In order to ensure that you are following all of the right guidelines when it comes to site supervisor safety it is important to have the correct site supervisor safety training. Envico offers a range of excellent fully accredited health and safety training courses in different locations around the country.

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