There has always been a risk when working at height, and scaffolding is now being scrutinised in a bid to try and reduce the risks and number of injuries caused by workers using the apparatus. If you work with scaffolding you must ensure you have received health and safety training designed specifically for this line of work. You also need to have training for moving platforms which are equally as dangerous and can also lead to deaths when not used appropriately.

Aiming to Reduce the Numbers of Injuries and Fatalities

The Health and Safety Executive has decided to spend the next three weeks targeting small construction sites and sites where refurbishment work is being carried out. This is to try and reduce the number of accidents which occurred as there were 250 injuries and three fatalities between 2006 and 2011.

You can learn about on site health and safety by attending one of many excellent health and safety training courses designed specifically for the construction industry. One of the excellent courses to choose is the SSSTS course awarded by the CITB. This is a course designed for site supervisors and can teach how to run a safe site effectively in their responsible role.

The SSSTS training takes just two days in in those two days all candidates will learn about the Regulations, health and safety laws and the Approved Codes of Practice. The supervisors will learn about the need for risk assessments when working at height such as when using ladders and of course scaffolding. The causes of accidents is also covered so supervisors will be able to recognise the risks, conduct risk assessments to create safe methods of work which will then help to cut down on the number of accidents while complying with the law.

Learn How to Train New Workers on Site

Another role of supervisors is often to conduct inductions to new employees and sub contractors on site as well as providing toolbox talks. The SSSTS course will teach these skills which again will help to promote health and safety within the firm. If you would like to enrol a member of your team on the SSSTS or discover more health and safety training courses designed for construction speak to one of our advisors by calling 0808n1966 830.

Construction Health and Safety Courses