There are no tips that you can find online that will take the place of health and safety training within the construction industry. It is essential that the proper training is taken by everyone within the organisation, from the owners to the labourers. However, tips can help you to take a look at systems you have in place and decide if anything needs to be improved. It can also highlight possible areas of weakness or provide ideas on how to improve the current system.

When following tips it is essential to conduct risk assessments and provide adequate training for any changes you may like to introduce. With that in mind take a quick look over these two simple tips and see if they make you think a little harder about the safety on your site.

Two Tips for On Site Safety

  1. When loading or unloading equipment you have to make sure everyone remains safe. Machines can easily become unbalanced and overloaded, increasing the risk of the machines falling, or the loads collapsing. The act of unloading needs to be carefully managed such as using spotters to help guide the machines and ensure no employees are in the path. It is also essential to perform checks such as stability, clearance and compression binders. All of the safety equipment that is used must be checked before use for any signs of damage that could result in an incident.
  2. Getting into a vehicle or onto a machine to start work may not sound too dangerous but there are many incidents that could arise from not taking care. All employees have to be aware of the safety precautions in place to make a site safer to work in. These precautions include wearing the right type of clothing and protection such as boots and gloves designed for gripping. Make sure there is appropriate hand and foot holds and provide a suitable way of getting into the machine if any holds are missing. You may have to install additional steps or holds depending on the size of the person operating the machine; it’s not always a case of one size fits all.

If you have any concerns about the level of construction site safety that you have provided on your site it’s time to take action. Book a suitable course for your employees and stop accidents in their tracks.

Construction Health and Safety Courses