Being an employer is full of responsibilities. You have to be able to provide your employees with enough work to meet their contract, to pay them on time and keep them safe from the risk of health problems and injury while at work. The latter is a case of life and death yet sadly many business owners end up in court with huge fines because they have overlooked this issue. Ensure you don’t fail your employees and attend safety training courses to stay in control.

Managing the Risks

Staying in control of the safety and health within your organisation requires you to know how to manage risks. There are risks in every industry, some are considered to be more serious than others. However even in the seemingly safest work environments, such as an office, there are serious risks and it is up to you to reduce them.

The right training courses will teach you how to use different methods and keep employees as safe as possible. You will need to learn how to conduct a risk assessment as they play a huge role in safety and health. Risk assessments make you aware of what the dangers are, who is at risk, how to come up with methods to remove or reduce the hazards and when to introduce new systems.

Recognise when Training is Required

Another important part of the training is teaching you the skills required to communicate effectively. Once you have created a new health and safety policy, or finished an assessment you will need to inform those affected of your findings. Each person will have to receive training for their position, and you have to recognise when additional training needs to be provided.

All of these skills and more can be found on safety training courses. There are many excellent training including NEBOSH courses and IOSH courses. There are courses for all industries so whether you are working in an office environment, in catering or in construction there is a course for you.