There are many ways that you can provide health and safety training for your employees. One of these is to organise on-site training. This is often the preferred method of choice for many managers. When there are several people who require training it can be more convenient to have everyone trained together on your own premises. It helps to reduce problems with organising travel and can be completed with the working day.

Learn at a Time and Place to Suit You and Your Employees

On-site training is available for multiple health and safety courses providing there are enough candidates who will be partaking in the course. If you only have one or two people you may want to consider the e-learning or distance training options that can still be taken at your place of work. The difference is the time can be spread out over a longer period if necessary. In addition to this the course materials are delivered online with support from tutors available over the phone or via email.

With on-site training the tutor or tutors will come to your workplace and help to deliver the course materials face to face. This is an excellent form of teaching and many of the courses can be completed from between one to five days. At the end of the course assessments will need to be sat in order to ensure that all of the materials have been understood. Once the candidates are successful they will receive a qualification that will benefit their working lives and look great on their CVs.

Many Health and Safety Courses Can be Provided at Your Workplace

There are many health and safety courses that can be completed on-site including:

As an employer you benefit greatly through providing excellent health and safety training to your workforce. You are complying with the demands of the law and the Health and Safety at Work Act. Your business will benefit by having trained employees who understand how to work safely and the role they can play in reducing the risks to themselves and to others.

Health and safety training is essential to reduce the risks and avoid prosecution by the HSE. Book your employees on a suitable on-site health and safety training course, save money and benefit.

Other Health and Safety Training Courses