Knowledge Can Save Lives

The importance of NEBOSH training courses and health & safety knowledge in the workplace cannot be understated. Being aware of the correct procedures and the specific risks within the working environment is not simply knowledge that is required to pass an exam at the end of your training, it is knowledge that could potentially save a life one day.

Many workplace accidents and fatalities are unfortunately, caused by lack of correct information and knowledge. Sometimes employees are not aware of how dangerous a particular piece of equipment or material can be, or they have not been informed on the correct way to use it safely or safe systems of work. In other situations, a lack of awareness or even misinformation about working procedures, either through lack of training or incorrect training, can lead to dangerous incidents. The goal of the NEBOSH training is to eliminate these risks and provide employees with the information and knowledge that they need to do their job safely.

The NEBOSH General Certificate is recommended for managers, supervisors and all others who have health and safety responsibilities within the organisation.

The Power of Knowledge

Knowing and understanding is a very powerful thing and when it comes to health and safety knowledge, it really makes a huge difference. Of course, in order to be able to make the most of this health and safety information, it should be up-to-date, easy to understand and accessible to all staff.


Make sure that every staff member in the workplace has health and safety training that is totally current. Health and safety regulations change over the years as new information comes to light, so the precautions might be altered slightly. Send your staff to health and safety training courses every few years to renew and refresh their knowledge and ensure that it is up to date.

Easy To Understand

Everyone in the workplace should understand the health and safety procedures, so make sure that they are presented in a simple and straightforward way. If the messages are overly complicated or too technical, they can get lost in translation and the vital safety information might not get through.

Accessible to All Staff

Ensure that all safety information is placed in areas that are accessible to all staff, so that they can reference the correct safety procedures at any time. Also, any staff should be able to ask for clarification or more information if they need it. Make training and demonstrations on equipment and procedures available whenever necessary so that staff can refresh their knowledge.

It is up to the managers and supervisors with the certification earned from attending NEBOSH courses to set the example when it comes to health and safety training and knowledge. Their positive leadership will ensure a safe working environment for all employees.