One of the most effective methods used to reduce hazards in the workplace is by learning how to conduct a risk assessment. Risk assessments need to be frequently carried out and health and safety training provides business owners, managers and supervisors with the necessary education to ensure these risk assessments are carried out in line with legislation and regulations. They must be adequate and used in a way that will be deemed satisfactory, should an accident occur.

Learning to Assess Risks

There are multiple courses available that will teach you the skills which you and your employees need to effectively manage risks. The type of course you need to enrol on will depend on the type of work you are in and the level of responsibility you hold. For occupational industries some of the most popular courses include:

If you are working in the construction or engineering industries you will need to consider the following courses:

Why Use Risk Assessments?

The reasoning behind risk assessments is simple. The person responsible for conducting the risk assessment will need to carefully evaluate all parts of the job. The purpose is to identify all of the risks involved and come up with methods of work that help to eliminate or at least reduce those risks. The assessment will involve talking to those that conduct the work, looking at equipment, materials and the environment where the job takes place.
Once the assessment has been performed the findings can be used to create a safe system of work. You may find that you have to introduce new methods, equipment, and gear; or assign more individuals to the job to ensure the hazards are controlled effectively. All of the findings will need to be discussed with the workers and additional training may also need to be provided.

Risk assessments are vital when performed efficiently; they are also required by law. If you need to provide health and safety training to ensure the task is performed well contact us on 0844 576 6750 to find the right course for your industry.