The IOSH have an abundance of excellent courses that will improve the health and safety of any organisation. One of these courses is the IOSH SHE Responsibilities within Facilities Management. This is a course that has been designed specifically for facilities managers and the personal within the department that are given roles of responsibility such as supervising.

Designed for Your Facilities Department

The content on this course is very similar to the content that is taught on the IOSH Managing Safely course that’s also awarded by the IOSH. The main difference is that this course is specifically designed for the facilities sector and this is why it’s important to make sure your facilities team attend the correct course.

There are many excellent learning outcomes that will be of great benefit for the candidate and your entire organisation.

After completing the training and passing the qualification the candidates within your facilities management team will be able to:

  • Investigate any incidents that have resulted in injuries or damage. The investigation will be able to determine what caused the incident and what action now needs to be taken.
  • Recognise risks and hazards found in the workplace with special focus on those areas that are more relevant for facilities managers such as: fires, electricity, substances, movement of people and vehicles, asbestos, noise and legionella.
  • How to perform risk assessments and how to recommend suitable control measures based on the hazards and risks determined in the risk assessment.
  • Understand the practices and basic principles of health and safety issues that are required as part of the management system.
  • Monitor the workplace and spot any problems that need to be attended to regarding health and safety.
  • Understand the legal framework.
  • Identify common hazards and any unsafe action that could be performed by contractors.

The candidates who attend the training will have to complete an assessment in order to be awarded with the certificate. The assessment involves a short test and a practical assessment. At the end of the training and the assessment section those who are successful will gain the IOSH accredited certificate. Find out more by calling 0844 567 6750.